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This is GYFT...

Why choose us? At GYFT, you will work with a highly trained Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach that graduated from IFM sponsored Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. We have the most in depth, relevant, cutting edge training. You will be paired with a Health Coach that fits your specific area of challenge. Your Health Coach can work with you on whatever you need whether it's achieving inner peace, motivation, family balance, nutrition guidance, corporate success, general lifestyle improvement and a whole host of other areas. ​We are fun, down to earth pro's and make the journey part of the reward!

Sela Aguglia

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Sela Aguglia

I’ve been in the health and wellness field for about 20 years now. Working with practitioners throughout the country helping implement natural therapies for various aspects of health.


Up until 2006, this was just my job, while I loved it and had a tremendous passion for health, this was what my career was. It had nothing to do with me. I mean, I was the picture of health…until, I wasn’t! All was fantastic, I was always on the go, super high energy, never met a challenge I didn’t accept. I thought I could do it all. Then I had two children back to back. Thirteen months apart almost to the day to be exact! This took a heavy toll on my body and I didn’t bounce back as I had assumed I would. Three months after having my second baby, I was miserable. My hair was falling out by the fist full. My skin looked like that of a teenage hormonal mess. My skin literally hurt if you simply laid your hand on mine. I couldn’t get out of bed and when I did, I would travel in the field for work having to frequently take 20-30 minute naps in random parking lots so I wouldn’t fall asleep while driving. I was TERRIFIED!!! In my mind, I was dying. Something was definitely wrong and I needed help ASAP!


Wait, I have the best doctors at my fingertips, I should be able to find help to fix me easily, right? Wrong. Or at least I felt it was wrong. The negative to being in a business relationship with THE best, left me feeling like I couldn’t show I was actually human and I too get sick! I didn’t want to share my personal business with any of my clients. I mean, then they would know I wasn’t perfect. Clearly I had done something so terribly wrong with my eating, my supplementation, my life practices or something, right?? They would think I was a fraud!! It didn’t mean that at all but in my head I was convinced it would be the wrong move. So instead of going the route that I believed in, going to a Functional Medicine doctor who I knew wouldn’t just fluff me off, I went to my PCP who ran about 4 tests that ALL came back normal.

Well, I knew something was wrong so those tests were either wrong or they didn’t do the right ones. I was referred to another general practice – same thing – NADA! My next appointment was with a person who I was referred to as “the best endocrinologist in the city!!” so I’m thinking, YAY, FINALLY I’ll get answers…..after waiting 2 hours in the waiting room, in pain, weak, tired, irritable etc without any testing, and only a 2 minute conversation, she stated “it’s your ethnicity”. I went from the most excited person on earth to completely deflated in a matter of 10 seconds. “My ethnicity??” I said? She said yes, your hair falling out in fist fulls is due to being Mediterranean, then proceeding to make the gesture to her own head of hair saying “see, I’m thinning out too”. To explain further, I wasn’t “thinning” I had bald spots the size of my hand and that answer did not cut it. 


To make a long story short(too late), I was referred to 7 other doctors which were all dead ends; I was done. I knew I had to go see one of my client doctors who would actually try to figure out what was wrong with me. I walked in the door in tears, started to talk and explain my situation and she(my amazing doctor who saved my life. Literally) said “has anyone checked your hormones?”. The answer in short was no, they hadn’t. From that point we did hormone testing to find that at 31 years old I was going through premature ovarian failure. It wasn’t me! I hadn’t done anything wrong! BOOM, She figured it out!!! Just like that. Instead of pushing me out of her office with a ridiculous speculation or canned test you give to everyone; she reviewed my recent history(just had two babies within 13 months) and looked at all my symptoms and she was able to get me the help I needed. Naturally. Within 2 months I was better! I was the Sela everyone knew(with hair) and more importantly I was the Sela that I knew.


From that point on, this was no longer “just” my job. It became my life passion to keep myself, my family and anyone and everyone well through Functional Medicine. Now, in addition to what I do in this capacity, I’ve pursued being a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach so I can better guide you to optimal health. I look forward to walking along side you on your personal health journey.

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My areas of expertise..


Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated to Strep 

  • Understanding what to look for, proper testing, discovering underlying cause, finding the BEST doctor for your child, and getting them back to living a happy & healthy life. LET'S GET YOUR CHILD BACK!! There is HOPE!

- Weight Management

  • Understand what the underlying drivers are of your personal weight loss/gain journey 

- Nutrition 

  • Learn how to read labels

  • Understand healthy vs unhealthy oils, sugars, and fillers

- Healthy Cooking

  • Best oils to cook with

  • Using top notch ingredients without breaking the bank 

- Optimal Living 

  • Best eating, sleeping, and exercise regimens 

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